The Star Wars Saga: History

The ageless tales and characters of the Star Wars Saga connect and appeal to each person who has seen it on the big screen differently, but they have all appreciated the experience.

Most people in the industry understood nothing about filming when the first movie was released in 1977. Green screen models, a small number of primary characters, and a large cast of “faceless,” masked extras and cast members made up the imaginative and untested mixture for the risky film led by a visionary but underfunded young producer.

Lightning RouletteEveryone was shocked by this movie’s popularity when it became the stuff of cinematic mythology. Nothing about George Lucas’ fantastic vision has been diminished because other movies have since made more money. 

All six films’ enormous success is a testament to the creative and brilliant technologists who developed novel procedures and methods during the production process.

People appreciated that they had the excellent opportunity to work on two of the initial three films since other films created subsequently have imitated and profited from that groundbreaking effort.